Ariyts  Gibbor Discipleship Training  Center
Founded in 2011.  Named after our mentor and founder - Ariyts Gibbor
Ariyts Gibbor is the name GOD uses for HIMself in Jeremiah 20:11 and means
'mighty fearful dreaded champion warrior' or in other words ALL-Mighty Warrior!
There is nothing too hard for HIM and there is no foe more powerful than HIM!
HE alone is Ariyts Gibbor and HE alone can train up warriors to fulfill their GOD-given destinies.
Our motto at Ariyts Gibbor Discipleship Training Center is this passage from Jeremiah 20:11 using the Hebrew titles.
"But ADONAI is with me as The Ariyts Gibbor!"
"But The LORD is with me as The All-Mighty Champion Warrior!"
Our creed at Ariyts Gibbor Discipleship Training Center comes from Hebrews 13:5 & 6 which states:
Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,
"Never will I leave you!  Never will I forsake you!"
So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper! I will not be afraid! What can man do to me?"
What Ariyts Gibbor Discipleship Training Center is:
This is an intensive training center for sold-out Believers in The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
This is a school with a single goal...
    "To prepare the souls of men and woman to serve in the capacity that GOD preordained for them when HE lovingly created them."
This is a place of higher learning where one can abandon all to follow HIS Call.
This is a live-by-faith school.  We train you to live and thrive in GOD's economy not man's.
This is a center for higher learning where you learn how GOD speaks today, because HE changes not.
This is a place that emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit as our counselor and One who knows the mind of GOD.
This is a university where you will learn to totally depend on Ariyts Gibbor to supply all your needs, to protect you, and to direct your paths.
This is an institution where you can learn GOD's will for your life, then train for that calling, and finally be sent out to fulfill HIS destiny!
This is a college where the Bible is the only textbook and is held as GOD's infallible WORD to the human race.
This is a school that is not a respecter of persons in the following:  We will not regard your age, academics, gender, or ethnicity, but prayerfully consider all applicants.
This is an institution that will train up warriors using a competency-based Biblical world view tailored to the individual.
This is a center where true disciples take seriously the Great Commission of JESUS CHRIST -
                    "To go and make disciples of all nations" and to this end you will strive the rest of your life.
This is a school where you learn to build GOD's Kingdom not your kingdom, IE: the non-Biblical American Dream.
This is a university of the nations that prepares you for ministry leadership and/or missionary work to the nations.
This is a college that includes a placement program in it's curriculum and we will attempt to plug you into global ministries as a marketable missionary/ministry leader.
This is a center where you will not only learn to live on less, but live what you learn.
What Ariyts Gibbor Discipleship Training Center is not:
This is not your typical Bible School nor is it a bridle school, IE: a place to find my future spouse <grin>.
This is not for the faint of heart, for we will attempt to crucify the flesh daily as we take up our cross and follow HIM!
This is not a Bible College where you can take pieces of the Bible that fit your existing belief system and thereby mold the Creator into your religion IE: a god of convenience and materialism.
This is not a university for the intellectual who won't lead her or his knowledge with the leading of the Holy Spirit.
This is not a denominational college, for we are non-denominational and non-traditionalists.
This is not a "let's do it man's way" institution that grants degrees to graduating students.
This is not an accredited college nor will it ever be.
This is not a place to play out your secular Christian lifestyle.
This is not a school that will tolerate evolutionary and humanistic world-views. We love you enough to help you crush these false ideologies.
This is not a place where you will go in debt, for GOD desires that we owe no man.  You will make donations based on what GOD has blessed you with.
This is not an institution where one size fits all and all must fit that one size.
This is not a cult, but radical Christianity.  (But in the minds of many it will be considered as such or at the very least extreme).  Alas our LORD taught HIS disciples to love and obey only HIM and if need be then to forsake all - even familiarity, friends, family, fortunes, and false faith to embrace True Biblical Christianity.
This is not an end of all training, where you receive a diploma and then go do your own thing.
This is not a liberal arts college.  We specialize in only one carrier path - Training warriors AKA missionaries/ministry leaders.
This is not a college with a dean or president but an entity governed by accomplished warriors who are men & women with a like-minded passion for the vision of Ariyts Gibbor.
The ultimate goal is to plug graduating warriors into ministries like CRI (Childrens Rescue International), Gospel For Asia, JARRS (Jungle Aviation And Radio Service), Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics), Back To Jerusalem, Voice Of The Martyrs, New Tribes Missions, and other True Christian agencies who will team up with our warriors because of their heart and training. Some will go on an one-way ticket leaving familiarity, family, friends, and perhaps fortunes for the mission field of FAITH that GOD has prepared them 'for such a time as this'.
Warriors will learn the following skills:
Temple Health - Taking care of yourself including physical & spiritual exercise,
Agricultural Basics -  Food and water care.
Linguistic Basics - Be able to communicate in sign language, other languages.
Kingdom tent-making - Be able to provide for your needs using a trade.
Servant leadership - Be able to serve and reproduce yourself
Still interested?  Are you up for total abandonment to GOD?  Can you submit to other Believers?  Ready for a radical lifestyle?
Then contact us for further info... Send an email to: